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We are a team of well-known and reputed labour contractors in Pithampur, Indore and nearby areas offering skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled labour supply services and security services. We deliver our services to our exclusive clients with our hard work and dedication.We offer the best labour contractors and security services to our esteemed customers. With well-recognized and reputed best labour contractors working for years with the firm, we mark a trend to be the best team to serve our clients with timely work delivery, advanced services and a well-planned strategic approach to our customers.


We deliver sincere, honest and hard-working labour for various esteemed organizations.We are also known to offer our explicit, prompt and punctual services in our prescribed area. Our organization is a responsible and trustworthy organization engaged in the supply of labour for all kinds of industries, i.e., Chemical, Pharmaceutical etc. We are proud of our great skilled, hard-working and trustworthy workers capable of undertaking jobs and completing them efficiently to the entire satisfaction of the honourable management.

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Quick Man Power Supply has extensive experience across all industries. We help our clients
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