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The increasing trend of contract labour at the workplace has taken a new turn and is growing amazingly globally. Analysing the surveys and facts shared by Oxford Economics , there is a big rise in contract labour usage to meet business goals and objectives. Moreover, as per Career building statistics, 47% of employers want to hire part-time, semi-skilled or skilled labour contractors.


The change in the market trend is restricted to just organizations for getting in on the contractor zone, but more and more professionals are choosing to work as “free agents”. In fact, according to a Bureau of Labour analysis and statistics, 79% of independent contracts prefer the freestyle working atmosphere over the traditional employment market.


With this change in the working atmosphere of the market, there are many different types of freelance, SOW, consultant, temporary and contingent labour in a vast variant of settings. In the blog, we will understand everything about hiring a labour contractor, managing contractor labour, the benefits of hiring a labour contractor and everything you want to know about labour contractors.

When to hire a Labour Contractor?

Hiring labour as an employee or independent contractor depends on circumstances and scenarios of different businesses and market values. It will help the company or individual identify when to consider hiring a labor contractor. Following are some of the questions that one should consider before hiring the workforce.

  • The work time should be specific and limited. The company should make a proper schedule for when to complete the task in the short-term or a defined period.
  • The worker always requires professional expertise. One needs to consider this.
  • The worker will require some supervision for proper assessment and day-to-day workflow.

How to Manage Contractor Labour?


Behavioral scientist Dr. Ashley Whillans – Harvard Business School, who analysis and researches about what makes people happy in a workplace, describes his thoughts on the power of engagement briefly: According to him, “Money and cash matters in people’s lives, but it’s not at all the only thing that matters,” said Whillans. “What matters in the workplace is making your employees feel appreciated and recognized.”

To get better services from your contract workforce, your firm needs to treat contract workers with the same respect, recognition and appreciation you provide to your full-time employees. Like any helper or labour, contractors value the opportunity to initiate and proceed in their careers and take on difficult projects. Providing contract workers with equal respect and opportunities to learn and groom themselves as professionals can keep them contented and satisfied to work with you and motivate them to extend engagements rather than seek other fresh opportunities. 


To add the feeling of good experience to your contract workforce and to make them more efficient, your leadership should be beyond any barriers to ensure that every teammate feels welcomed and is properly introduced into the larger organizational culture. A worker’s hiring parameter should not make them feel avoided or feel like they are a part of the team. In simpler words, ensure that every contract worker should feel that they are a valued contributor. your firm should find multiple ways to integrate them into the corporate culture while avoiding co-employment risk such as:

  • Call them in all relevant meetings
  • Introduce them on team email lists
  • Solicit their thoughts and ideas for better process improvement
  • Make them feel remembered when you celebrate a project milestone


Creating better communication with your team is the key to developing strong relationships between contractors and employers. The first step in better communication is letting your contracted team members understand that you are always there for them to answer questions, doubts and solve their concerns.

Regular and systematic meetings with every team member of your contract staff are a must to stay aware of the progress and obstacles your teammates might face on projects.

Video calls, chat messages, and emails have thankfully been great ways to keep in touch—especially if your teammates are working remotely—but it is advised not to rely 100% on technology to communicate. It would help with your full-time employees and work on-site with your contract workers to have personal and direct communication with them.


As you assign a project or task, it is your responsibility to discuss the project’s objectives, the contractor’s role and duties, and what you expect from them. You can reduce excess confusion and clashes about the timelines by deciding the deadlines to understand when they should complete tasks with this sketch and when to turn in the final product.


One of the better ways of checking up on project working and status is to schedule intermittent check-ins with your employees to understand their approach toward the provided goals and objectives. While checking in, do not explicitly fix or schedule things for your contract employee’s actions, as it can create a big risk of employee misclassification and run afoul of co-employment regulations.


Here are some of the main benefits to bringing a contract worker onboard successfully:

  • Reduced long-term labour cost

They are not your permanent helpers but a temporary solution. They also do not work on an annual salary. Neither will you have to invest a lot of money to spend on paid learning and development for them in most cases, as they will work and benefit your business for a short period.

  • Shorter hiring process

The process for hiring contract employees is a lot easier, efficient and quicker – and it certainly should be like this only! You hire them for technical work and deliver something fixed rather than long-term overall and cultural fit.

  • Instant impact

The labour contractors are working for your business for a short period of time, and they understand that they will have to work hard and need to make an immediate impact on you. Be courteous but understand that you will not have to spend weeks to invest in them with the work environment and train them with a whole multitude of systems of your company.

  • Fresh perspectives

Sometimes they are beneficial for your business as it just takes one outsider to transform your system with better and efficient knowledge and understand the flaws in the way a business operates. The more labour contractors you hire, the more unique and fresh perspectives you’re going to enjoy.

  • Highly skilled, niche experience

Contracts usually work with a very specific skill set and are trained to perform on very niche working conditions and projects. Exploring a highly skilled and specialized individual on your team can be a great help to drive your business on the path to success.


With more and more experts and professionals changing their mindset and deciding to make their living as contract employees, the contract employee workforce has started creating a bigger part of the labour fusion. Creating a best working management strategy is crucial to attracting, engaging, retaining them and optimizing organizational growth.

Forward-thinking businesses are gifting these contracted workers with a huge say in the work they do; they’re contacting and connecting them with teammates, and they also appreciate them for their contributions, works and efforts. 

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