Security Services

Security saves, It is the pivot of progress and prosperity.Not only for territorial integrity and frontiers, second and third line defences the protection is must,but also for the smooth and promising functioning of factories and firm’s projects, public plants,private land and public organisations.

  • Trained guard and Supervising staff for protecting the installation depots, sub- depots, factories, laboratories, plants, blanks, godowns, museums ,hotels, construction side residential enclaves and various other permanents & temporary establishments.
  • PERSONAL SECURITY :Special Guard and body gurds for the security of high officials and V.I.Ps.
  • MOBILE SECURITY :Trained armed guards for Bank transactions, payment collection when moveing in the train with men and material.
  • SHADOW SECURITY :Trained Security staff to exercise a counter – check on activities of permanent security persons, workers, managerial and administrative staff and suspected key appointment holders.
  • INTERNAL SECURITY :Internal coverage intelligence trained security men in order to feed information to the management about industrial espionage ,leakage of trade secrets and internal under hand dealing without side agencies interested otherwise.
  • INVESTIGATIONS:Clud staff to investigate thefts ,bribery ,misappropriation ,embezzelement, frauds, grafts , dubious indenting ,Industrial infringements like trade mark tempering, superious and duplicate production.Services will readily be made available for pre-employment and annual confidential screening of executives staff and for Finding out their financial status credit balances and union.
  • FIRE FIGHTING SERVICES :Men trained in fire fighting and we also under take train permanent staff fighting and trained personnel to man the sub-fire stations of the establishment.

We constantly strive to offer a “best fit first time” labour solution for the construction industry. By communicating honestly and effectively with all client we are able to promote and deliver a truly quality oriented services.