Terms & Conditions

By communicating all terms and conditions of the labour contract in a trusted and effective way with our renowned and respected customers, we can promote and deliver truly quality-oriented services to you. We, hereby, share all the terms and conditions of Quick Man Power Supply. Read the particulars and the benefits we offer through our services.

  • We charge the following rates for the persons provided by us their 8 hours duty.
ParticularUn-SkilledSemi-SkilledSkilledHigh Skilled
Wages8,8009,65711,035 12,335
PF- 12 % 1,0561,1591,3241,480
PF- ADM Charges (1%) 8897110123
E.S.I.C (3.25%) 286314359401
Bonus (8.33%) 7338049191,028
Leave 5%440483552617
TOTAL AMOUNT 11,40312,51414,29915,984
Management Charges (10%)1,1401,2511,4291,598
TOTAL AMOUNT 12,54313,76515,72817,582
  • Supervisor will be paid as High Skilled.
  • Above rate are Applicable for 26 days only Applicable Bonus Minimum Wage and subject to be Revised as and Declared by the Government.
  • Gst 18% will be paid by estemed organisation on Billing Amount.